Marine Surveys


The equipment which is the Best-in–Class, State-of–the–Art diagnostic facility, positively digitally inspects and computer reports on existing or potential damages, defects, failures, wear, weaknesses, leaks, material strengths, flaws, overheating and a number of other problems relating to any material including ship and yacht hulls, buildings and structures, vehicles, aircraft, tanks and moving equipment, electrical, electronic, machinery and piping systems with little or no disassembly or disruption necessary. This is achieved by utilising the most up to date Thermal Imaging and Inspection equipment which previously was only available to official Military and Governmental Agencies.

The Survey

Our surveyors are highly qualified and we are now one of few surveying companies in Europe and perhaps globally that can offer a Five Star Service, whereby upon an appointment being made, our qualified Surveyor/Operator will attend at any location under any conditions and electronically inspect your assets or areas of concern.

Time and Cost saving

A qualified surveyor can be onboard your vessel within 48 hours of an initial enquiry being made and our standard fee of £75 per hour applies plus expenses. A typical survey may take 1-2 days (8-10 hours) depending on complexity. The main cost savings occur because image surveying eliminates time involved both in dismantling structures on the yacht or commercial vessel and due to the ease of use, portability and accuracy of the equipment used.

The time saved in diagnosing problems is also a factor in savings with thermal imaging (see thermal image right generated by our equipment). Thermal imaging equipment is instant and an operator can gain very accurate information simply from the readout. The report that follows the survey is not only more accurate but generated faster due to ability of the camera to store images and data and utilise state of the art software to generate a comprehensive thorough report not obtainable by conventional methods of surveying.

Prevention is always better than cure

A random inspection of your property, vessels or equipment on an annual basis will not only act as a perfect preventive maintenance tool which also enhances safety, but also as a way to potentially reduce your insurance premiums, since the overall risk of failure is eliminated and the insurance risk is then decreased very considerably.


Thermal imaging offers the following benefits:

  • Major reduction of time and expenses required for routine maintenance
  • Confidence in your property and equipment having detected and eliminated active and potential problems
  • Prevention of injury and/or death from failures
  • Prevention of fire and leakage situations, thereby also preventing inconvenience, loss of earnings, loss of business and of course litigation
  • Prevention of all types of losses
  • Elimination of the need to disassemble equipment to examine for wear, damage or defects
  • The operators of this equipment are experienced and qualified surveyors and are highly trained and experienced in its useage, thus permitting reports issued to be used for any purpose.
  • Guarantees and warranties can be provided to buyers by sellers outlining the condition of your yacht or commercial vessel thereby attracting a higher sale price
  • In relation to marine applications, the equipment complies with SOLAS Conventions and Port State Control Inspections. The equipment is approved by the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors and the International Association of Marine Investigators. Ray Ashton AMS is a fully qualified member of both of these associations and is trained in the use of the equipment and can provide expert witness evidence in court if required.
A thermal image shows a faulty breaker connection on a main electrical panel of a large vessel. This is a serious problem that is difficult to see. The infrared scan instantly reveals and pinpoints a loose and corroded electrical connection.